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To book an engagement, please call George McAdams at 512-791-0058.

As an all volunteer band, we can not commit to accept every engagement that is offered.  We will decline an engagement if key members are not available or if the mix of available players is not suitable for a public performance. 

The following are the general conditions for acceptance of a performance:
  • Ordinarily, a performance must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to the date of performance.

  • Acceptance of a performance is subject to a poll of members attending the first regular meeting after the request is received.

  • Our ordinary fee is $200 per hour and all for-profit groups are charged.  The hour must be continuous and we do not sit through business or social meetings waiting to perform.  We are reluctant to share our time with other performers.

  • The customer is responsible for providing an armless chair for each player.  We can provide an estimate of chairs required after the request is accepted.

  • Fees may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the members for non-profit organizations.  Ordinarily, we will perform only once in a calendar year for any given non-profit organization.

  • Benefit-for-society performances* are accepted only Monday through Friday.  Any such performance played on a Friday must end by 4:00 PM and any such performances will be played no more than twice a year.  If we find that the number of audience at a given performance is less than the number of band members, we may refuse to play that performance again.

  • Saturday and Sunday performances are reserved for civic activities.

  • These are general guidelines and there may always be exceptions.

* Benefit-for-society performances are defined as nursing homes, retirement homes, low-cost housing developments, day-care centers, homes for the aged, churches, and other free or reduced fee performances.


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