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We play mostly music from the early part of this century; 1900 through 1930, the heyday of the banjo.  During this period, there were literally hundreds of four-string banjo bands around the country playing popular songs such as "Five Foot Two", "Somebody Stole My Gal" and "Alabama Jubilee".  These are the songs you will hear us play.  Our very newest song dates from the 1950s.  

We do not play Bluegrass music!  Bluegrass is played on the 5-string banjo along with a group of other stringed instruments.  Both the instrument and the playing technique are different.  We play with a plectrum (flat pick) while Bluegrass is played by finger-picking.

Unlike most bands, we play the verses to almost all of our songs.  The verses are very often unfamiliar to listeners, but playing the verses adds variety to our shows and the verses are very often the prettiest part of the songs.

The band sings the midddle chorus of many of our songs and we always invite the audience to sing along with us.  If the audience desires, we can play mostly familiar sing-along tunes.

Most of our gigs start with our theme song "Bourbon Street Parade" and conclude with "Bye Bye, Blues", a tune that every four-string banjo player knows and loves.  In between, the choice of songs depends on the audience and the season.  

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